True SUCCESS in life is measured by how gracefully you overcome obstacles. ~Junior Sanchez {LION}


To create employment and career opportunities for individuals who are finding it difficult to return to the workforce. Our focus is to merge their specific crafts and skills with organizations seeking them. RIFT is SUCCESS!


We at RIFT SUCCESS are here to be the rift in the miss-communication between employees and employers by means of uniting both parties via a solution. We are a group of professionals with years of experience in the consulting, human resources, business, entrepreneurship, real estate, and staffing industries. We take each client on a case by case basis and provide all available options promptly. Our goal is to help them reach their personal SUCCESS.


With the troubling trend of unemployment still on the rise, RIFT SUCCESS pairs up with job seekers of all kinds and all trades in order to aid them in finding their right company fit. We pride ourselves in aiding all who need employment to further their long term life goals.


The fact remains that recently released, ex-incarcerated individuals need employment once released in order to provide for themselves, their families, and the economy but are finding it difficult to do so. At RIFT SUCCESS we provide work and career opportunities for those that wish to return to the workforce thus enhancing their quality of life and lowering their risk of returning to crime as a means of survival.

We ARE the solution to these pending problems and will not give up until we have helped all parties succeed. To see this solution as a successful end to a means is our mission and one which we will always base our programs on.



I am in the business of doing business to help your business so let's do business!!

Junior Sanchez

Junior Sanchez
The Networking King
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As a professional I understand the value one individual can have in an organization, and for this reason I mandate myself to be the best at anything I do. I solidly stand by my product, for my product is me. I live with the understanding that in any industry a successful business person must possess three key components: 1)Incorruptible Ethics 2)Strong Will and Determination to Succeed 3)Full Knowledge and Understanding of Oneself I work hard to succeed and believe that failure is not an option. Any company I have worked with or any client I have done business with understands that my word to them is as good as gold because I stand behind my product, me. I have an unyielding passion for business, any business; for business is the foundation of the world.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Get GREEN Certified Today!

Blue Iguana Software™ is dedicated to helping companies go green. Our product is designed to help your company understand how eco friendly it really is. Our software also gives you a detailed report complete with suggestions how you can become more eco friendly. If you score over 90% we will also certify you as a Blue Iguana Software™ Green Certified!

About Blue Iguana Software™ Business Edition

Blue Iguana Software™ Business Edition covers most aspects of your business. Whether you are a corporation, a small business, hospital or school Blue Iguana Software™ can help you understand your green standing and how to become more eco friendly. Our software covers all aspects of most businesses, including corporate real estate, such as break rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, company vehicles, and more. Our software also covers your infrastructure including workstations, peripherals, servers, and much more. We also cover the products that you manufacture including your production processes. We also address your business processes including ways your company can be more eco friendly and at the same time save money and stream line many of your business processes. Get Blue Iguana Software™ and start helping the planet and save money today.

• Corporate Real Estate (Own or Lease)
• Infrastructure (Small Business to Enterprise)
• Production and Materials. (Small or large scale)
• Business Processes (All Departments)


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Junior Sanchez

Junior Sanchez
The Networking King