True SUCCESS in life is measured by how gracefully you overcome obstacles. ~Junior Sanchez {LION}


To create employment and career opportunities for individuals who are finding it difficult to return to the workforce. Our focus is to merge their specific crafts and skills with organizations seeking them. RIFT is SUCCESS!


We at RIFT SUCCESS are here to be the rift in the miss-communication between employees and employers by means of uniting both parties via a solution. We are a group of professionals with years of experience in the consulting, human resources, business, entrepreneurship, real estate, and staffing industries. We take each client on a case by case basis and provide all available options promptly. Our goal is to help them reach their personal SUCCESS.


With the troubling trend of unemployment still on the rise, RIFT SUCCESS pairs up with job seekers of all kinds and all trades in order to aid them in finding their right company fit. We pride ourselves in aiding all who need employment to further their long term life goals.


The fact remains that recently released, ex-incarcerated individuals need employment once released in order to provide for themselves, their families, and the economy but are finding it difficult to do so. At RIFT SUCCESS we provide work and career opportunities for those that wish to return to the workforce thus enhancing their quality of life and lowering their risk of returning to crime as a means of survival.

We ARE the solution to these pending problems and will not give up until we have helped all parties succeed. To see this solution as a successful end to a means is our mission and one which we will always base our programs on.



I am in the business of doing business to help your business so let's do business!!

Junior Sanchez

Junior Sanchez
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As a professional I understand the value one individual can have in an organization, and for this reason I mandate myself to be the best at anything I do. I solidly stand by my product, for my product is me. I live with the understanding that in any industry a successful business person must possess three key components: 1)Incorruptible Ethics 2)Strong Will and Determination to Succeed 3)Full Knowledge and Understanding of Oneself I work hard to succeed and believe that failure is not an option. Any company I have worked with or any client I have done business with understands that my word to them is as good as gold because I stand behind my product, me. I have an unyielding passion for business, any business; for business is the foundation of the world.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Who Am I, Any Thoughts?

Original Post By: Sharad Shinde-Patil
Director T &D at The First-Smile Foundation and Founder of "Trainers meet Trainers" Forum-Pune, Bangalore & Delhi

Who am I?

Standing in front of the mirror I saw an image. The lines of age showed but somehow I never felt them. It was as though this person in front was someone else. Someone even I couldn’t recognize as I had never spent so much time in front of the mirror. The first thoughts that came to mind were from the children’s books, “Mirror, mirror on the wall……….” and in my mind thoughts wandered off.

I was in Delhi recently and the purpose of my visit had been exclusively to meet people who were connected to me on linkedin and create a new bonding. The first reaction of many was that I had come for some program and so I was meeting people. Unfortunately it wasn’t so and once again here I learned as to how we see others in exactly the way we are. I came, I saw and boy was I overwhelmed? Interacting gave me new perspectives and an understanding that I would probably never have realized. People in a particular fraternity (training & Development) are so into themselves that I wonder if they do take the time off to look into the mirror. In my talks I have always prophesied that if there is one single factor that enhances growth it is meeting people. World over it is a known fact that networking is the single factor that creates business growth and as I always say, Self Growth.

Knowing yourself is crucial. There is the finite and there is the infinite. So who are you? It is you that is so important as YOU are the finite. Everything else is infinite. Once you recognize this and understand it, you will realize the new you. The, “YOU”, that can be created through your own creativity, innovation, idealism, beliefs and a host of other infinite thoughts. It is these thoughts that make or break you. So before you come to any conclusions look into the mirror and see what you notice. That is the real you.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Junior Sanchez 2

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Factoring Facts

Q: What is factoring? How does it work?

A: Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivablefor immediate cash. Once you have delivered a product or performed a service for a creditworthy corporation or institution, contact us prior to sending your invoice to your customer. We will confirm with your customer that the work has been completed, or the goods delivered, and accepted, we will advance you up to 75%of the face value of the invoice amount. When your customer pays us, you will receive the balance less our discount.

Q: Do I need accounts receivable financing?

A: YES….if you are a new business. YES…if you are a business that can’t get traditional financing, such as a small or medium size business or a minority or woman owned business. Yes…if you need additional operating capital Yes…if you are growth-oriented. YES…if you want to solve your cash flow problems.

Q: How do I qualify?

A: We base our credit decision on the strength of your customers, not you. It’s easy to qualify if you meet the following criteria: Your customer must be a creditworthy business. Your invoice must be a valid one for goods sold and delivered, work performed, or services rendered — to your customer’s satisfaction. We will verify each invoice with your customer.

Q: What does it cost?

A: The discount fee starts at 3-4% and is determined by the number of days that elapse from the day we advance funds to you until the day we are paid back by your customer. And, we earn our fee only after we have collected payment on an invoice — not before. Additionally we charge a $500 processing fee and a deposit of $250 which is used to offset the costs of running lien and judgment searches, preparing legal documents, and running credit information on your customers.

Q: How will I know which invoices are paid and which were not?

A: You will have your own account executive at our office, whom you can call at any time for updated information. Just request an “Aging Schedule” which will show you which invoices have been paid and which remain open.

Q: How fast can I get money?

A: In many states it takes as little as a few days for us to do our due diligence to get on-line. Once on-line, we can fund your invoices within 24 hours (once we receive verification of your invoices).

Q: How do I get started?

A: In order to get on-line, submit your Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule as well as a customer list. Once we analyze your receivables and express an interest in proceeding with your funding, we will issue a proposal and list of documents we need to start the due diligence process. It’s that simple!

Recession Seen Lasting 20 Years - I Say Take The Quantum Leap and Let Quantum Funding Show You a Brighter Future

The recession could last for a whopping 20 years, John Rosevear of the Motley Fool writes.

Rosevear points out that on Dec. 29, 1989, the Nikkei 225, Japan’s benchmark stock index, reached a high of 38,957. However, on December 3, 2009, it closed at 9,977.67, a startling 74% decrease.

He predicts that the US will follow the same fate because of “excessive asset expansion,” weak corporate governance and the bank crisis.

“The Japanese government’s response to the crisis was very different from that of the United States. In a nutshell, it was several years before its government did much of anything, and what it finally did do was arguably too little, too late. But at the same time, it’s hard to argue with this: In the past decade, the S&P 500 index is down more than 20%. It’s a disturbing parallel to ponder, especially for those of us worried about our retirement portfolios,” he said.

With the unemployment rate at 10 percent, some experts are predicting the recession could end by the middle of next year, Bloomberg reported.

Harvard University professor Jeffrey Frankel, a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Business Cycle Dating Committee, said the recession could end by the middle of 2010.

“Mid-summer remains the best candidate for ultimate dating of the trough, probably July, or possibly June,” he said.

Robert Hall, who heads the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Business Cycle Dating Committee, said the economy could be affected by another downturn.

He said the current estimates “presume that there won’t be any new adverse shock. “There are some horror-story scenarios that could stand in the way, so I don’t see the point of forecasting. We just wait until we are ready.”

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Junior Sanchez

Junior Sanchez
The Networking King