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We at RIFT SUCCESS are here to be the rift in the miss-communication between employees and employers by means of uniting both parties via a solution. We are a group of professionals with years of experience in the consulting, human resources, business, entrepreneurship, real estate, and staffing industries. We take each client on a case by case basis and provide all available options promptly. Our goal is to help them reach their personal SUCCESS.


With the troubling trend of unemployment still on the rise, RIFT SUCCESS pairs up with job seekers of all kinds and all trades in order to aid them in finding their right company fit. We pride ourselves in aiding all who need employment to further their long term life goals.


The fact remains that recently released, ex-incarcerated individuals need employment once released in order to provide for themselves, their families, and the economy but are finding it difficult to do so. At RIFT SUCCESS we provide work and career opportunities for those that wish to return to the workforce thus enhancing their quality of life and lowering their risk of returning to crime as a means of survival.

We ARE the solution to these pending problems and will not give up until we have helped all parties succeed. To see this solution as a successful end to a means is our mission and one which we will always base our programs on.



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Junior Sanchez
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tony Durso's Black Book of Secrets

When you meet an individual with energy, passion, and know-how, you cannot possibly keep them a secret.  I've had the pleasure of meeting one of those individuals whose names are synonymous with expertise, credibility, and professionalism; his name is Tony Durso.  Tony is sincere and ready to help anyone on a moment's notice, it was this level of drive that led me to learn more and more about him.  An accomplished author, Tony delivers a powerful book that is a must have for any sales professional interested in becoming the next top producer.   If you haven't picked your copy up, I recommend you do because they are going fast!

About The Book

It goes without saying that the world needs sales to revolve and survive.

No matter if you are interested in learning how to better sell yourself, your company, your products and services, there are many tips and tricks that can help you reach your goals to get the goodlife.

The Black Book of Sales Secrets is dedicated to teaching anybody how to generate high interest in just about anything.

Tony Durso, the author of The Black Book of Sales Secrets, has achieved record breaking sales in a variety of industries including real estate, insurance, technology, and collectibles among others.

This book is ideal for all types of sales professionals, from entry level reps to managers and sales trainers, as well as anyone who wants to know how to get someone more interested and excited about anything.

A few small changes to your sales strategy and technique could help you become the next big producer for your company!

A must for Sales Trainers for salesman training, and anyone who wants to survive better and learn the magic of How to Interest and Sell Anyone: The Black Book of Sales Secrets!

Get The Book at:

About The Author

Tony Durso is an Internet marketing and sales expert, specifically in all manners of lead generation.

Tony was born in a small town in Sicily, Italy, as the fourth child in a family of six boys. His father was a farmer who worked hard to move his family to the United States where they could enjoy a better life. 

Tony has worked since the age of five, first as a newspaper delivery boy, a job that helped Tony pay his way through school. Working at such a young age taught him a strong work ethic, the value of money, and the importance of being self-supportive.  

As an adult, Tony immersed himself in corporate America. Through long experience and a knack for the job, he has uncovered some of the greatest secrets of the sales profession. When learned, these secrets can enable any salesperson to interest any prospect in anything.

Tony once completely filled five floors of a vacant office building with tenants in mere weeks, without any advertising and before cell phones and the Internet existed.
In the years following this achievement, Tony has made impressive, record-breaking sales forays into real estate, collectibles, insurance technology, and other varied industries. His accomplishments include making $3.25 million in a six-month period, among many others.

Tony currently provides hot prospects to U.S. businesses through proprietary lead generation methods including, but not limited to, phone verified leads.  He is also the founder of a medical product development corporation, which holds two medical respiratory-related patents, and is the sales executive for a major marketing company that has made the Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 fastest growing company list for three years in a row and continues to show rapid growth.

Tony’s passions are languages and people. He believes that every person is a good and powerful spirit; and resides in California with his wife and best friend of eighteen years, accompanied by his dog, a white Akita.

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About The Company

Trent Weston specializes in Affordable Employee Services such as:

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They can help every business expand in these tough times.

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Junior Sanchez

Junior Sanchez
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